Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Jackson for the People

For Immediate Release: September 1, 2020
Contact: Mae James​​​​​
Phone: 386-423-4744

New York State Assembly Candidate Stephanie Jackson
Pledges to Let Citizens Vote for a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment

(New Smyrna Beach, Florida) The Let Us Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment (LUV4BBA) Citizen’s Campaign recognizes New York State Assembly candidate (District 128) Stephanie Jackson for her “Pledge to support my constituents’ Constitutional Right to vote for a U.S. Balanced Budget Amendment.” Ms. Jackson is the first candidate in her district to commit to giving citizens a vote on a constitutional solution to unsustainable deficit spending.

The LUV4BBA Pledge supports fiscal limits, restraining federal spending from growing faster than the rate of inflation (up to 2%) plus population change, with exceptions for Social Security and national emergencies (such as the Coronavirus pandemic). The Let Us Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment proposal is similar to the Swiss “Debt Brake” which was adopted in 2001 by an 85% vote of the people who. Since that time, the “Debt Brake” has contributed to the Swiss enjoying the world’s second-highest GDP per capita ($20,000 higher than the U.S.) and the world’s second-lowest borrowing cost.

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